Call for papers: “Teaching Social Economics during the Global Financial Crisis”

Call for papers: “Teaching Social Economics during the Global Financial Crisis”

International Journal of Social Economics

 The Associate editor of the International Journal of Social Economics, Professor John Marangos, invites papers for a special issue with the theme “Teaching Social Economics during the Global Financial Crisis”.

The current literature on the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) focuses mostly on the causes of the crisis and the economic and social impact on the international economy without adequate attention being paid to the impact and the challenges of the GFC on the teaching of social economics. Economics by definition is “social economics” and as such papers of all paradigms of economics will be considered for possible publication as long as the main theme deals with teaching of economics.

The papers should examine and explicitly deal with teaching issues of socio-economic theory and practice during the GFC. Researchers should aim to demonstrate innovative ways in incorporating in their teaching the GCF and the impact of those innovative ways to student learning. The papers should examine and question the prevailing consensus in teaching economics and as such illustrate alternative teaching strategies incorporating the crisis for the benefit of student learning. The teaching methodology adopted should preferably be social, holistic, historical, dynamic and comparative in nature.

The special issue will include one Graduate Student Research Paper. The Associate editor invites graduate students to submit research papers.  Proof of graduate student status should be provided with the submission. While the students’ papers will go through the regular review process and be held to the same standards for acceptance as other submissions, the panel of reviewers will serve a mentoring role to advise the student to strengthen the paper. The best student paper will be published.

The International Journal of Social Economics operates a double-blind peer review process with a minimum of two referees per paper

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Those interested should submit an extended abstract of 300 words by 1 of November 2017 as a word attachment. Approved papers should be submitted by 1 of May 2018.

For queries and abstract submissions contact:

John Marangos, Professor,
Department of Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies,
University of Macedonia, Greece.